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saroj nazneen heavy silk beautiful banglori silk saree seller in surat

NAME : Saroj-Nazneen TOTAL DESIGN :6PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 1270FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs.7620/- +(5%GST) +..


ynf tamara-2 banarasi art silk designer festive saree seller



shangrila ratna kala festive season multi coloured weaving silk saree collection

NAME :Shangrila-Ratna KalaTOTAL DESIGN :6PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 945FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs.5670/- +(5%GST..


shangrila vasansi silk-2 weaving zari silk saree rich collection full set

NAME :Shangrila-Vasansi Silk-2TOTAL DESIGN :10PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 1045FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs.10450/- ..


kodas ponds-6 weightless georgette daily wear printed saree online seller

NAME :K-Ponds-6TOTAL DESIGN :5PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 468FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs. 2340/- +(5%GST) + Shippi..


shangrila alankaar zari silk two tone combination stylish rich saree collection

NAME :Shangrila-Alankaar silkTOTAL DESIGN :10PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 1125FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs.11250/- +..


saroj hunny banny lycra fril saree with koti style blouse wholesale

NAME :Saroj-Hunny Bunny TOTAL DESIGN :6PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 1195FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs.7170/- +(5%GST)..


shangrila kanishka linen cotton handloom print saree seller in surat

NAME :Shangrila-Kanishka LinenTOTAL DESIGN :13PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 575FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs. 7475/- +..


shangrila nitya silk-3 pure weaving rich jari concept saree collection

NAME :Shangrila-Nitya Silk-3TOTAL DESIGN :6PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 1090FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs. 6540/- +(5..


shangrila blossoms fancy saree with work blouse collection exporter

NAME :Shangrila-BlossomsTOTAL DESIGN :8PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 1295FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs. 10360/- +(5%GS..


haytee saloni-5 rennial printed daily wear saree wholesale collection

NAME :Haytee Saloni-5TOTAL DESIGN :12PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 226FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs. 2712/- +(5%GST) +..


haytee splash-85 dani printed regular wear saree wholesale price

NAME :Splash-85TOTAL DESIGN :14PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 182FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs. 2548/- +(5%GST) + Shipp..


kodas brio rangoli fabric printed daily wear saree wholesale collection

NAME :K-BrioTOTAL DESIGN :8PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 402FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs. 3216/- +(5%GST) + Shipping ..


shangrila nirvana-4 super hit exclusive floral print saree wholesale collection

NAME :Shangrila-Nirvana-4TOTAL DESIGN :12PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 595FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs. 7140/- +(5%GS..


shangrila-saloni linen cotton sarees catalog

NAME :Shangrila-SaloniTOTAL DESIGN :12PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 565FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs. 6780/- +(5%GST) ..


saroj-shaurya silk saree wholesale rate

NAME :Saroj-ShauryaTOTAL DESIGN :8PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 655FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs. 5240/- +(5%GST) + Sh..


saroj-annaya cotton patta printed sarees catalog

NAME :Saroj-AnnayaTOTAL DESIGN :8PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 575FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs. 4600/- +(5%GST) + Shi..


saroj-nakshita vichitra silk saree catalog

NAME :Saroj-Nakshita Vichitra TOTAL DESIGN :6PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 1095FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs. 6570/- +..


shangrila jaipuri linen-2 linen cotton saree catalog

NAME :Shangrila Jaipuri Linen-2TOTAL DESIGN :12PER PIECE RATE :Rs. 575FULL CATALOG RATE :Rs.  6..


In the fashion world of  ladies outfits, we are the number 1 Sarees  supplier in Surat wholesale market , the reason is, we the manufacturer who always stay one step ahead compared to other manufacturers in saree-making. In terms of design, fabric- quality and technology,No other manufacturer can match us . Our fabric-makers believe that saree is the traditional attire that never goes out of fashion and always stays in the heart of the woman as a favorite.

Why are we best in wholesale sarees market?

Many retailers don’t know that wholesalers or manufacture offer several benefits to them because they usually buy from the markets and  at market the bulk buyers  won’t get actual wholesale rate. If anyone searches wholesale saress online from Textilecatalog then they realize that the price of full catalog available on our online store  is indeed very low compared to the market price and The Unique collection of catalogs, a retailer  can see on our website is simple unseen 

The pricing of wholesale saree bazaar

For example,If a retailer purchases  embroidery worked Sarees at very high rate  that he can market the each piece  at a comparatively higher price tag  to earn a highest amount of profit . And the High priced apparel will be inclined to become infrequently acquired by customers due to limited budget. But coping with extensive varieties that vary regarding prices could be adequate to adapt for retail customers on your specified retail store.

Research on Sarees latest trend

As a wholesaler, we know the Sarees stock has to move fast that is why we always produce  catalog as per most recent trend. From cotton Sarees to lehenga  saree,our expert fashion designers have a close eye on current  fashion all the time. For time-consuming, executing the study on the new pattern would be the better on the list of a research report is extremely important. With this kind of earlier understanding, having the proper volume of inventory to deliver to re-sellers will soon be suitable since the flat-rate already understand exactly what the clients require and indeed will estimate the total amount of sarees stock needed for certain period.

After sale support, we give to sarees retailers

Most sarees retailers would desire the final inventory bought on suitable provisions therefore  we also provide a retailer a delivery and inventory services at no cost or the best price potential. We know that there's rivalry on the current wholesale market in between all wholesalers and that’s why we offer successful, dependable and reasonably priced collection with  earnings services. In other words, the price of  full catalog, we provide to a retailer is comparatively low  because our profit margin is only 5% and no other wholesaler can offer you at such low-profit margin. Fast delivery is our primary concern, and we have a tie up with only the best courier partners  to ensure the on-time delivery with full responsibility