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Kurtis one of finest clothing for women, girls and ladies out there. No wonder there is huge demand for wholesale Kurtis by retailer. This can be second most wearing outfit in India for female. No doubt Sarees is first the one and its proven by seeing the number of women wearing this outfit and number of wholesalers buy online Sarees proves that the sarees are first most wearable outfit. 

Why Kurtis is second alternative outfit?

 Kurtis can be called as second alternative clothing for women in India because it’s light in weight and easy to wear. One can easily move around and add more color towards their beauty. Today lots of Kurtis catalog designs are launched day by day which is suitable for all kind of wearing and families out there even give preference to Kurtis. Kurtis has resemblance of Indian culture and in school and colleges you would notice girls wear this a lot. Beside Kurtis is also in demand because of pocket friendly price.

  • Climate: Yes, you have heard right. For any outfit it’s important that it should climatic friendly. Kurtis are available in various fabric suitable for climatic condition and manufacturer has made Kurtis catalog in various designs that you can choose right kurti according to climate. Since Kurtis is light to wear then it is user friendly for summer and same is available in woolen fabric which is suitable for winter season.

    •  Multipurpose Wear:  If you need kurtis for daily wear then printed wear kurtis is right choice and if you need Kurtis for any event of function then Georgette Kurtis can be right decision. Today, designer have framed in kurtis in various designs that you can choose according to occasion and suitability.

    Kurtis Manufacturer

    Surat is called as city of textile and city of diamonds. Large amount clothes are manufactured here and therefore highest number of designer Kurtis wholesaler and Kurtis manufacturer can be found in Surat. There are lot Kurtis companies in India but highest number of Kurtis companies you would notice is only in Surat city.

    People from different cities from India come here and recent study shows that highest number of people came from different place to Surat is more. Surat has also defeated Mumbai when we talk about migration.  Not all work in the industry of textile but lot number people you would notice working with garment industry. Most of them work in garment industry and be the part of manufacturing team of Kurtis.

    What makes any one to choose textile catalog?

    • Manufacturer: Textilecatalog is awarded as best Kurtis Manufacturer from Surat and reason is simple because of professional team. Our team chooses the quality fabric and produces Kurtis unique from all the manufacturer. Textilecatalog is one stop online branded Kurtis store.

    • Wholesale Price:  At Textilecatalog user can buy online designer Kurtis in bulk at wholesale price. We provide bulk quantity and I am sorry we do not provide single piece of any Kurtis. 

    • Secure Information: All data that you provide to Textilecatalog is used for the purpose of your account creation and delivery of product. We do not share details with third party.

      • Fast Delivery: We provide delivery service all world. You order online from USA, UK, Bangladesh, Mauritius and next day delivery is available for Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai and many more cities of India

      • Award Winning customer service: Customer is asset of our company and me make sure their query is responded at the earliest. You can easily connect us via live chat, email, whats app and email and our team will make sure your question is answered at the earliest.

      •  Filterable product: Now, you don’t have look lakhs of product, just get what you need. We have implemented multiple filters on our website where customer can filter product according to their requirement. 

      • Multiple Range:  We have various range of Kurtis catalogue available right from Cotton Printed Kurtis to Crepe Kurtis, you say the variety and we have for you. Textilecatalog being Kurtis supplier in India has made all sorts of Kurtis should be there on our online wholesale store so customer don’t need to go any other store.

      • Guaranteed Low Price: You visit any store and we are sure that most lowest price that you would see is on our website. Price that is present on our website is guaranteed low compared wholesale Kurtis market.