Wholesale Bollywood Sarees

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Wholesale Bollywood Sarees

Bollywood replica sarees wholesale online

 Textilecatlog is here to fulfill the demand of Bollywood replica sarees catalogs from retailers all around the world .We manufacture celebrity style sarees in bulk, and ,showcasing  a distinctive selection of Bollywood sarees worn by renowned actresses such as Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and lots of others. Even the Bollywood sarees, we supply for retail business is exactly same as the type of wedding Saree worn by actresses on screen. To verify our design, we first send sample piece to retailer on special request, once we get the order confirmation from the retailer about particular catalog of Bollywood replica sarees then we craft according to the order. The retailers from anywhere in the world can buy full catalog of Bollywood sarees at wholesale rate from Textilecatlog.in

 What so special about our Bollywood sarees

  • Our designers apply same crafting patterns that are used by famous designers to design the Sarees for Bollywood celebrity but we produce sarees in bulk at our manufacturing unit. Due to the mass production, we can offer Bollywood replica sarees at lowest price to Retail shop owner in anywhere in India and also in the world
  • Our expert designers have been trained in the fashion industry of Bollywood and we have hired them on high salary to fabricate best replica sarees. So far All  retailers In India  have  been purchasing the Bollywood replica sarees in Chandni chowk, Delhi at very High rate but now the  bulk buyers can purchase  same  catalogs with  superb quality at very low rate from Textilecatlog
  • To match up with the different demands such as the Net sarees or embroidery saree  for the retailers  around the world, the company’s designers is genuinly putting 100 % effort to maintain  the high standard of the catalog. The designer also track the latest fashion trend of Hindi movie  to cover the pattern of  Sarees, therefore, the retailer can very first see the newly launched  saree-styles On Textilecatalog.
  • We regularly update latest replica sarees collection on our web page so the bulk-buyer  can  have knowledge about the latest styles and the  actual rate of newly launched saree-design.
  • We accept order for up to 5 Bollywood saress  and This quantity is really small but we offer this service to the  trusted retailer Just to check the quality of
  • If you are not satisfied with our Bollywood replica sarees catalog then our return policy is very straight forward, you can directly return catalog and will give you refund amount on same day